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If you are going to be the very best at predicting the markets you have to have the very best market indicators.

And the very best indicators are obvious, when the markets get very high and very crazy.

Your very best indicators are price patterns on HL Camp very secret Program Trading Charts.

No matter how high or how crazy. You always know when the price pattern is right.

Every woman on the planet knows the photo copyright.  Do you?

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Hank Camp     When is a new high, too high?

Secret Program Trading Charts on the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1896.
Secret Program Trading Charts on the ES/SP since April 21, 1982.
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts on the INDU and ES/SP.  Secret Program Trading proprietary time frame charts on the ES/SP. Instantly loaded on your screen with the click of a button. No other software loads history for you faster than PT Charts.
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